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How do you ensure that your product testing for toys and textiles is in accordance with all regulatory and quality requirements?

Increasingly, production of consumer goods, such as toys and textiles, is performed outside Finland and Europe. Ensuring effective supervision of product quality within reasonable cost limits has become harder for Finnish importers. Furthermore, you also need to ensure that your product fulfills numerous country-specific legislation requirements. That is why you need a trusted provider of testing and inspection services so you can make sure that your toys and textiles conform to all quality and regulatory requirements.

Toy and textile product testing solutions from the leading provider in Finland

As a leading provider of inspection and testing services in Finland, we offer you unrivaled experience and expertise in toy and textile products. We offer you a unique global network of laboratories and inspectors to provide you with crucial testing wherever your products are manufactured. We can clarify the requirements that your products need to meet for Finnish, European or any other market you want to export your product to.

We can help you:

  • Ensure that your products meet all relevant requirements: we test your products for mechanical and physical criteria, as well as the flammability of textiles and toys in our laboratory in Helsinki. Our laboratory in Kotka tests consumer products for contaminants, including formaldehyde in textiles, phthalate in plastic products or heavy metals in food products
  • Ensure the quality of your products at every stage: we inspect your shipment in the manufacturing country, either during production or when the products are ready for delivery. We can also inspect the products when they have arrived in Finland
  • Assess your suppliers: we offer technical assessment of your supplier’s capacity to manufacture your products within the agreed delivery times. This includes social assessment focused on conditions for staff, such as working hours, payroll, health and safety and use of child labor
  • Clarify all relevant requirements for your product: the EU has its own legislation for different types of consumer goods, such as toys and textiles. In addition to this, we can take in to account the national requirements of the destination country
  • Assess documentation: documents you have received from your suppliers can be difficult to understand. Our Finnish experts clarify the documents to ensure that they are the correct ones for your products

To find out how our testing services for toys and textiles can help you, contact us today.