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Title Date Type
Customs Union restricts hazardous substances in EEE Customs Union restricts hazardous substances in Electric and Electronics Equipment 13. May 2019 Business News
17025:2017 accreditation FINAS has granted SGS Fimko Ltd testing and calibration laboratories accrediattion according to ISO / IEC 17025:2017 18. Apr 2019 Business News
SGS Fimko is now also a notified body in accordance with ATEX, PPE and MID regulations The scope of SGS Fimko's Notified Body status (0598) was expanded to include regulations on equipment and protective systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX), personal protective equipment (PPE) and measuring instruments (MID). 18. Mar 2019 Business News
Thank you for your feedback We commissioned Taloustutkimus Oy to survey our customers' satisfaction. 13. Feb 2019 Business News
SGS Fimko Ltd participates in CEWASTE project SGS Fimko Ltd participates in a EC funded two-year project. Objective of the project is to set up a voluntary certification scheme for waste management. 01. Nov 2018 Business News
Testing for Plastic Particles in Bottled Drinking Water Following recent research around synthetic polymer contamination in bottled water, SGS mobilizes its international network of ISO 17025 accredited laboratories to support the consumer water industry. 15. Mar 2018 Business News
SGS Fimko Ltd, Finland, provides now authorised inspection services to nuclear power plants The Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK has approved SGS Fimko Ltd to act as Authorised Inspection Organisation (AIO). 22. Dec 2017 Business News
SGS and Nature’s Fingerprint Partner to Beat Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting SGS and Nature’s Fingerprint will mitigate identity theft of bio/pharmaceutical products and patented processes. 26. Sep 2017 Business News
SGS Inspection Services is now SGS Finland The name of the parent company of SGS companies in Finland has changed. SGS Inspection Services Oy is now SGS Finland Oy. 22. May 2017 Local Corporate News
Scope of RoHS directive expands From July 22, 2017 the RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU) restrictions will apply to Industrial Monitoring and Control Instruments. 09. May 2017 Business News