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How can you make your company and products more sustainable?

Recent environmental, social and health concerns, such as global warming, human rights and the risks posed by chemical substances, have highlighted the need for effective sustainability practices.

While stakeholders and consumers are raising expectations for companies to take effective and concrete actions, governments are implementing new regulations. As a result, assessing your sustainability practices has become an urgent matter…

Improve your sustainability with SGS

As a leading consultant on sustainability, we offer you expertise and experience in consumer product supply chains through our unique global network.

We provide a complete portfolio of solutions to incorporate sustainability practices into your organization, your products and your supply chain. We can help you meet or exceed regulatory requirements, society’s expectations and consumer demand.

Our solutions will help you to:

  • Design safer and more environmentally friendly products: rely on our ecodesign expertise and our competence on restricted substances (REACH) to improve your products
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of your activities and products: show your corporate commitment to climate change
  • Display the sustainable advantage of your products: select and verify an appropriate labeling strategy
  • Ensure social compliance throughout your supply chain: ensure that your products are made under acceptable environmental, social and working conditions

To discuss how we can help you improve the sustainability of your organization, contact us today.