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Many oil and gas fields around the world contain impurities that influence the commercial value of the field.

Oil Rig

We provide you with the full spectrum of the testing required to identify non-hydrocarbon impurities, trace compounds and Benzene, Ethylbenzene, Toluene and Xylene (BETX) levels.

SGS specializes in advanced analytical capabilities to ensure you maximize production from your field, reduce the potential for corrosion and limit the impact of naturally occurring greenhouse gases. Our laboratories combine ASTM standard methods with advanced testing so you can be confident you will receive accurate and representative results when you outsource your analytical requirements to SGS.

Impurities in natural hydrocarbons

Advanced analytical instruments such as FPD GC analysis, mass spectrometry, XRF, XRD and SEM give us the tools to identify almost any naturally-occurring impurities in hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon deposits collected from the field.  Our analytical background over a broad range of fluids and production systems gives you the added benefit of knowledgeable interpretations and experienced advice.

SGS offers on-site trace sulfur speciation by GC-FPD and continuous mercury monitoring by Sir Galahad. Carbon dioxide and nitrogen content in natural hydrocarbons, important for controlling greenhouse gas emission levels and for process equipment design, are measured by conventional GPA GC methods. BETX levels are a common environmental concern and are closely regulated with respect to emissions from amine treatment and dehydration operations. SGS utilizes chromatography methods specifically designed to quantify these, and other, aromatic components at low concentrations for both crude oil and natural gas production facilities. We also provide treated sample cylinders to assure minimal loss of trace compounds during transit for samples shipped to our fixed laboratories.

Our services include:

  • Radon testing of hydrocarbon gases and liquids
  • Low-level continuous mercury content measurements
  • Extended natural gas compositions including H2S, He, Ar, N2, CO2
  • Speciation of trace sulfur components by GC-FPD
  • BETX analysis by high-resolution chromatography

Contact us now for more information on how we can help you understand the impurities in your hydrocarbons.