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Time is money when you are drilling and SGS has a solution to save you both.

Oil Rig

The SGS FluidPro PAL™ JR is a portable sample restoration, transfer and analysis laboratory. It is equipped to produce high-quality compositional analysis of live fluids and oil-based mud contamination (OBM) measurements within hours of receiving the samples topside.

This small-footprint lab is easily transported to the platform, completely safety-certified (Zone 1) and equipped with the latest laboratory technologies for analyzing even the toughest of samples. SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company and we now offer an independent service for testing the quality of open-hole samples – samples that have enormous impact on your initial reserve estimates, tie-back and subsea designs and your FPSO build-out. Satellite communications (where permitted) and electronic data transfer mean a quick turnaround for cost-saving decisions on wells located in even the most remote areas around the world.

The benefits of using a FluidPro PAL™ JR

All of our portable laboratories are supported by SGS experience and expertise. With each lab we supply certified field chemists who must pass a rigorous internal training program to receive their certification. To ensure your full confidence in results, a highly experienced quality control team monitors all of our mobile laboratories by remote access through a private, encrypted network. Our FluidPro PAL™ JR is available wherever you require it - be it on-platform, at a centralized shore base or at a remote work site. SGS mobile laboratories give you a high-quality, independent testing option for your ‘first look’ open-hole samples.

Our standard FluidPro PAL™ JR configuration includes:

  • 0-Flash, extended compositional analyses
  • 0-Flash, brine basic chemistry
  • Wellhead, separator / BHS Sampling
  • High-pressure restoration and fluid transfer 
  • Length of stain measurements (Drager Kit)

Oil and condensate properties

  • BS&W (conforms to ASTM, IP, API, ISO, DIN and NF M methods)
  • Karl Fisher water content (conforms to ASTM, IP, API, BS and ISO methods)
  • Molecular weight by freezing point depression
  • Oil pH and TAN by digital titration

Optional tests

  • Moisture content in gas by hygrometer
  • Mercury content in oil or gas
  • Full brine chemistry by IC
  • Brine preservation kit
  • Trace sulfur speciation (GC-FPD)
  • Mercaptans, total sulfur, etc.
  • Additional kit is available on request

Our FluidPro PAL™ JR mobile laboratories are designed to produce high quality data backed by expert staff and built on a strong customer-oriented philosophy. SGS is the only global inspection and certification company providing this service on a global basis. Contact us to find out more.