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Accurate measurement requires every metering system to be designed in accordance with international standards and industry good practice.

Oil Rig

Today, because of the large capital expenditure or long equipment lead times it is essential that you are sure the design being considered is ‘fit for purpose’ – before equipment designs are put into production or commitments are made.

Our practical, hands-on experience of projects and operations, helps reduce your exposure to risk on development of meters, and ensures measurement systems are in accordance with your needs and expectations. We can also help you meet contractual, national and international regulatory measurement guidelines while minimizing risk and maximizing revenues.

Independence matters

Our independence from equipment manufacturers and non-participation in agency agreements provides you with the assurance that our verification is free from any commercial bias related to the fitness for purpose of any equipment or system. We perform factory and site acceptance testing to independently verify that system construction and computer configuration is maintained between construction completion and on-site startup. 

Contact us to find out more about our fitness for purpose study services.