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SGS provides acceptance testing services to ensure that fiscal or allocation metering systems meet functional design specifications before going into service.

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This testing can be done either:

  • At the manufacturing location (factory acceptance testing), or
  • When equipment has been commissioned on-site (site acceptance testing)

Why undertake acceptance testing?

Acceptance testing makes it possible to identify any discrepancies between your client’s requirements and the metering system itself before it goes into active service.  Identifying any discrepancies at this stage means that they can be corrected at less cost and with less disruption than once the system is up and running.

We can also review existing acceptance testing procedures or develop new project-specific factory and site acceptance testing processes to ensure that any new systems meet required criteria in all respects of their design and functionality.

Why SGS?

At SGS, we pride ourselves on our long-established reputation with regulators for integrity and high-ranking expertise. We are also well-known for being completely independent from equipment manufacturers or agency agreements. With teams of qualified, experienced personnel able to perform acceptance testing in North America, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia, we can offer you impartial, expert advice wherever you need us.

Find out more about why SGS is the ideal partner to support your acceptance testing for fiscal and allocation metering systems.