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At SGS, we know that your competitiveness depends upon your ability to deliver accurately analysed products to the LNG market.

Oil Rig

Being able to test those products reliably and to a tighter deadline gives you that crucial edge over your competitors.

Independent validation that the analytical resources used are working properly, are well calibrated and were operated correctly lies at the heart of successful delivery of cargoes. Too many disputes arise because the simple validation step has either been forgotten or ignored during what is, by its very nature, a unique event.

Once the operation is over there is no longer the opportunity to observe the online testing upon which so much rests. It is simply good risk management to make sure that validation is carried out each time a cargo movement is under way, enabling the cargo figures produced to be confirmed independently.

Laboratory validation services for the LNG industry

At SGS, we have many years of experience of Q&Q determination in the LNG industry. Our experience has shown that the majority of disputes arise from issues involving sampling and analysis. In order to best protect your interests, we provide a wide range of laboratory services, including:

  • Third-party witnessing of sample analysis by experienced lab personnel
  • Sample analysis (e.g. spot samples, retention samples). SGS has a global network of laboratories certified for testing natural gas samples, which participate in both internal and external correlation activities to ensure the best possible service level is maintained
  • With our broad experience of the different sampling and analysis methods currently in use within LNG industry, we can audit, review and comment on  your sampling and analysis operations to ensure that all testing and analysis is performed in compliance with the latest industry accepted standards (e.g. ISO 8943 or GPA 2261) and in accordance with any contractual agreements
  • SGS has a global network of over 600 laboratories. Our experience has allowed us to set up and operate complete labs at several LNG terminals and to run LNG analysis alongside other necessary analyses, such as environmental testing. For new terminals, our in-house experts can follow up and review the design and implementation of the sampling system and optimize its functionality, such as the link to and the configuration of the GC

Why SGS?

SGS is all about innovation. By leveraging the best available technology, we bring various services to bear in the context of your contract to allow you to manage risk and optimize performance.

Many companies have already put their trust in SGS. If you also wish to optimize the various aspects within your contract or project, we are available as a consultant to review, discuss and formulate a written opinion outlining benefits and costs of laboratory testing including the possibility of outsourcing. We will then work with you on a revised plan that adds value and optimizes your overall project.