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Focus on your core competencies and let us help you move into new markets.

International Type Approval, or ITA for short, is a set of services whose purpose is to find solutions that will help you bring your products to new markets - quickly and cost-effectively.

SGS Fimko has launched an ITA team to support companies engaged in exporting or planning to do so. Our new ITA team will help your company to clarify the local requirements of your target market and to obtain approvals from different countries.

We have more than 25 years of experience in clarifying requirements in various industries. The purpose of the ITA team is to gather this expertise in one team. We are particularly experienced in radio equipment and other electrical and electronic equipment, but we plan to expand our operations to other product categories in the future as well.

SGS's operations are widely accredited. ITA operations benefit greatly from our worldwide network of testing laboratories. Approvals can mostly be handled based on test reports made in SGS laboratories, but if the approval requires local testing, our team can also organize the coordination of these projects.

The Finnish ITA team strengthens the existing global network of SGS's ITA teams.

Why choose SGS?

You get everything you need from one operator.

Struggling with local bureaucracy and cultural differences can be frustrating and take resources away from the core business. We give Nordic companies the opportunity to utilize the local know-how of our comprehensive global network and we help to handle the laborious clarification of requirements with our local personnel all over the world. We know the local requirements and markings. We know what needs to be paid attention to in the product in different countries.

We monitor the validity of your certifications and remind you in good time before they expire.

We are an operator approved by several authorities worldwide.

Do you want to know more about the services of our ITA team?

Contact us now:

Victoria Lindqvist
Team Leader
+358 40 182 7151