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Global manufacturing and general economic activities have slowed down but have not stopped. Numerous sites are still functional, on all continents. SGS continues to be your compliance partner. Our technology and experience have allowed us to continue our operations, while providing remote auditing options when necessary.

About remote audits

A remote audit is one that is conducted partially or completely off site using mobile or desktop applications, hence a robust internet connection will be required. The audit will consist of everything that is typically included in an onsite audit. Personnel with responsibilities pertaining to the audit plan will need to be available for their relevant parts of the audit. Top management will also need to be available for relevant parts of the audit, including the opening and closing meetings.

Details of your specific audit may vary, but the overall process will likely go as follows:

  1. Remote audit planning and assessment of available ICT tools

  2. Schedule remote audit

  3. Communication with your auditor on logistics and technology details

  4. Client to prepare and submit relevant documents

  5. Audit occurs

  6. Receive audit report

  7. Correct any nonconformities

  8. Receive certificate (where applicable)

SGS remote auditing technology

On a case by case basis our technical experts will recommend the proper technology for your audit. Our remote audits can be conducted via various popular web conferencing programs like Skype and Microsoft Teams.

While scheduling your remote audit, our Account Management Team will recommend what system will be most effective for your site.

Prior to the start of the meeting, ensure your bandwidth signal is clear and can support a web conferencing session. If connection breaks during the audit, your auditor will contact you to reconnect.

What happens if the remote audit does not cover everything, or my audit is a Stage 2 or Recertification Audit?

We will try to complete as much of the audit remotely as possible. Where we cannot fully verify the effectiveness of your management system and therefore are unable to complete your entire audit remotely (this is more likely on a recertification audit), then SGS will arrange to complete the onsite activities later.

If applicable, SGS may temporarily extend your certificate validity by a maximum of six (6) months subject to a successful remote audit and then follow this up with an on-site audit within the six (6) months and prior to the cert expiry to complete the requirements. All remote audits are subject to review by SGS.

Why SGS?

As the leader in testing, certification and inspection, we can adapt quickly and efficiently to minimize service disruption for our clients.

We have the proper tools and accreditation approvals in place to maintain your certifications.

Please contact us! We are here for you to answer any questions you may have about maintaining your certification.


Ari Heinimäki
Operations Manager