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The new radio equipment directive RED has been published in the European official journal OJ on May 22nd 2014. This new directive will replace the existing 15 year old R&TTE (radio and teleterminal equipment) directive 1999/5/EU in June 13th 2016 after two years transition period.

There will be some major changes in the scope of the directive compared to the exiting directive:

  • Sound and TV broadcast receivers will now fall in to the scope of the directive. Previously these were included in the scope of the EMC directive.
  • Equipment operating under 9 kHz frequency range will now fall in to the scope of the directive.
  • Requirements of the directive concern also all radio equipment which can receive radio waves.
  • Radio determination equipment (GNSS) will be included in the scope of the directive.
  • Fixed-line terminals are excluded from the scope of the directive.

Changes to the administrative obligations

Prior notification of radio equipment which is using non-harmonized frequency bands (current Article 6(4)) is suppressed. Manufacturers can use EFIS frequency information system on internet provided by the European Communication Office (ECO) in order to evaluate whether and under which conditions such radio equipment may be used within each Member State before placing the radio equipment on the market.

Also the alert sign used in conjunction with the CE mark indicating that there are restrictions to use is suppressed. Manufacturers shall make this information available on the packaging of the equipment. User instructions shall also include information on frequency and power used by radio transmitters. Also the use of a notified body number in conjunction with the CE-mark will be changed. Number shall be fixed only when the compliance has been show by using the procedure of annex IV, module H of the directive.

Notified body opinions will be changed into EU Type Examination Certificates. Opinions which have been issued according to the directive 1999/5/EC are valid during the transition period until 13.6.2017

The new directive clarifies the requirements which are set to the manufacturers, authorized representatives, importers and distributors. These are aligned with decision 768/2008/EC New Legislative Frame Work. Also legal tools for member states authorities who perform market surveillance have been improved.

Important dates

Directive has been publishes on OJ 22nd May 2014.
Applicable and has to be implemented into the part of the national legislation in each members state 12th June 2016.
The new directive will repeal the exiting directive 1999/5/EU 13th June 2016.
Equipment complying with the essential requirements of the existing directive have 12 month extra transition period. These devices can be placed on the market until 12th June 2017.

For more information:
Jari Merikari
Technical Manager

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