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To provide consumers with a clearer indication of the energy efficiency of products, which are currently classified in different scales (from A to G, from A+++ to D, etc.), and to improve compliance for producers and retailers, the European Commission is proposinga revised energy labelling system consisting of:

  • A single energy labelling scale from ‘A to G’: the Commission proposes a return to the well-known and effective 'A to G' label scale for energy efficient products, including a process for rescaling the existing labels.
  • A digital database for new energy efficient products: the Commission proposes that all new products placed on the EU market are registered on an online database, allowing greater transparency and easier market surveillance by national authorities.

What's next?

This Commission proposal will be sent to the European Parliament and the Council. They will discuss it and together will reach an agreement. This is expected to take one year. When approved by the co-legislators, the Commission will implement these changes for product groups that have an energy label within a period of five years for most products.

More information: EC Press release 15 July 2015