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Eighth edition of luminaire standard IEC 60598-1 has just been published. Standard IEC 60598-1 specifies safety requirements for luminaires, incorporating electric light sources for operation from supply voltages up to 1 000 V. Additionally, each part of IEC 60598-2 details requirements for a particular type of luminaire or group of luminaires.

Typical safety requirements specified by the luminaire standard are e.g.:

  • safety distances between dangerous live parts and accessible parts
  • mechanical strength
  • resistance to fire
  • heating in normal and abnormal situations
  • endurance
  • marking and instructions

Changes in the new edition

New edition takes into account requirements for LED-technology constructions and therefore has influence especially on safety and marking requirements for all LED-luminaires. Changes focus on insulation requirements of LED-modules and set new requirements for required safety distances between live and accessible parts. Changes are valid for both indoor and outdoor luminaires.

Implementation schedule

When the new European EN standard of the luminaire standard is published (based on the 8th edition of standard IEC 60598-1), transition time to the new standard is 36 months. By this time all luminaires brought to markets ought to meet the requirements of this new standard. We offer now already the possibility to test products against these new requirements. By this way manufacturer (or responsible importer) can verify that products fulfill these changed requirements before transition time has ended.

In autumn 2014 SGS Academy will hold a luminaire seminar which focuses on the changes set by the new edition of the luminaire standard. You can get additional information on this and other seminars from our Academy coordinator Petra Tihinen.

SGS Fimko services

SGS Fimko offers fast and cost effective testing and expert service to ensure compliance according to these new requirements as an accredited testing laboratory. Additionally we offer EMC-, EMF-, performance and photometric testing (e.g. energy efficiency, lumen output and distribution curve measurements) services for lamps and luminaires and certification solutions to different market areas around the world.

For more information, please contact:

Team Leader Mr Pasi Orreveteläinen (lighting products)
phone +358 9 6963 333

Product Line Manager Mr Kari Vesterinen (safety testing)
phone +358 9 6963 418

Product Line Manager Mr Petri Lehtinen (EMC ja EMF)
phone +358 9 6963 240

Coordinator Petra Tihinen (SGS Academy)
phone +358 9 6963 242