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In 2011 Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) requested product recall for 57 electrical appliances. Due to severe safety defects the sale of 95 electrical products was prohibited. Of all 780 electrical appliances that Tukes had tested in12% severe safety defects were found and in 38% remarkable safety defects were found.

Product recall and sale prohibition of products cause significant costs for the importers and negative influence on his reputation. Also the renewed EU legislation will increase the importer’s responsibility to make sure that his products are safe and fulfill the requirements. It is worthwhile to make sure that the product is safe and fulfill the requirements before the products are for sale.

SGS Fimko has developed new services with the help of which the importer can make sure in a fast and economical way that his product is safe. Express investigation or basic testing will not replace type testing and certification. However, it gives in a cost-efficient way estimation on the basis of partial testing whether there are any defects that can constrict the sale of the product within the EU market.

To obtain more information of how we can help you to make sure that your product is safe, please contact us.