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Almost half of electrical products that the Finnish Safety Authorities had tested had severe or remarkable defects. According to an information bulletin published in February 2012 byThe  Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)more defect or hazardous products had been found during market supervision in 2011 than in 2010. Tukes required the importers to recall totally 100 products that had been found to be hazardous. The number of products with severe defects increased in 2011 and especially a great number of LED products with safety defects were found. In 2011 Tukes tested 789 products of which the safety was questioned.12% if these had severe defects and 30% remarkable.

From the consumers’ point of view this is alarming. The life-span of electrical equipment is often short and supervision by the authorities cannot guarantee that the products on the market are safe. The situation is made worse by a widely spread assumption that CE marking is an approval mark on electrical equipment. Due to this misunderstanding consumers may assume that CE marked products are tested and approved by some authorities or other competent party. CE marking is mandatory on electrical products and it is the manufacturer’s or EU importer’s verification that the products fulfill relevant requirements. Reliability of CE marking on electrical products is thus based on how much the manufacturers or EU importer is familiar with EU safety requirements and on their integrity.  In praxis the manufacturer or importer do not necessarily know the relevant safety requirements of the products.

How can the consumer make sure that the electrical product is safe if the CE marking does not verify it? The best and easiest way to ensure safety of the product is to make sure that the product is fitted with a recognized European certification mark. Within EU there are several certification organizations that on basis of competent testing grants the right to use a safety mark on the electrical product.

In Finland FI mark is the most recognized and reliable safety mark for electrical equipment. FI mark verifies that that the product is tested, safe and can be used in Finnish conditions. FI mark has been granted already for more than 30 years to approximately 200,000 electrical products. FI mark for electrical products is always granted in Finland and its correct use is supervised actively in sales points. FI marked products are also supervised on the manufacturing site of the product irrespective of is the product manufacturer in Rovaniemi or Guangzhou.

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