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The limiting values of electromagnetic fields of lighting equipment are determined in standard EN 62493 (Assessment of lighting equipment related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields), which has been published as a harmonized standard within the scope of the Low Voltage Directive. The standard must be complied with at the latest on February 1, 2013. After this date lighting equipment the EMC conformity of which has not been verified by testing are not allowed to be placed on the market.

What are electromagnetic fields?

 Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are generated from electric charges. The strength of the field at a certain spot depends on the distribution and behavior of the charge. For example transfer of electrical energy along the conductor, transfer of radio signals and visible light are all electromagnetic field phenomena. Phenomena can be found from a wide frequency field, the extreme end of which is cosmic rays. Electrical household appliances are at the other end of the frequency spectrum. The term EMF is used for frequency fields below 300 GHz.

When designing a product up till now only electrical safety and EMC requirements have to been taken into account for the conformity of the product. Now also the influence of electromagnetic fields on users must be taken into account when designing lighting equipment.

EMF requirements for lighting equipment

Standard EN 62493 is valid for all kind of lighting equipment. However, lighting equipment without electronic components is considered to comply with the requirements of the standard without testing. According to the definition of the standard traditional starters and magnetic ballasts are not electronic components.

Measures required from lighting fitting manufacturers and EU importers

EMF conformity must be verified with testing. The test report must be attached to the Technical Construction File of the lighting equipment. The Declaration of Conformity of the product must also be updated and standard EN 62493 added to the standard list according to which conformity with the directive has been verified.

After February 1, 2013 lighting equipment the EMC conformity of which has not been verified cannot be placed on the EU market. Placing on the market means delivery of the products from the factory or importer to e.g. wholesale trade or retail sale.

EMF requirement also for FI certification

FI certified products comply with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive. Of this reason from February 1, 2012 a condition for FI certification is that the product is in conformity with standard EN 62493.

EMC testing from SGS Fimko

Our EMC laboratory has the capacity to carry out EMF testing. Lighting fitting manufacturers and importers can have their products EMF tested quickly and at favorable prices in our laboratory. It is advisable to have your products tested already in the autumn so that any changes needed can be done before February 1, 2013.

For more information, please contact:

Ari Honkala, Product Line Manager (EMC and EMF), phone +358 9 6963 432

Kari Vesterinen, Product Line Manager (Lighting Equipment), phone +358 9 6963 418