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In 2008 the number of product certifications granted by SGS Fimko increased strongly – by more than 40% (in 2007 more than 20%). The largest increase was for GS (+ 290%), CB (+50%), CB EMC (+46%) and FI certification (the amount of types increased by 38%). In 2008 SGS Fimko granted totally approximately 2800 product certificates including around 7000 product types.
Certificates in a cost-efficient package
The reason to the increase is added value provided by certification and the companies’ interest to have all certificates needed at the same time as it is a cost-efficient way to operate. In addition SGS Fimko’s network of testing laboratories and its area of qualification have expanded during the last few years. SGS Fimko has at present eight internationally approved CB laboratories (In UK, Norway, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea and 2 in Finland), which provide safety and/or EMC tests. SGS Fimko has also 7 hazardous substances laboratories under the IECEE CB Scheme in Europe and Asia.
Picture. SGS Fimko’s FI and GS certification marks
New growth areas in view
The aim of SGS Fimko is to continue the increase of safety and EMC certification. In a near future increase can be expected in new areas, e.g. Statement of Test Results in accordance with IECEE CB system for hazardous substances (RoHS, Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances).
During all its history SGS Fimko has certified more than 200,000 product types.
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Mr. Jukka Vuorinen
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