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SGS Fimko received accreditation from FINAS for its photometric and luminous intensity distribution measurements, which are carried out in accordance with standard EN 13032-1:2004 (Light and Lighting - Measurement and Presentation of Photometric Data of Lamps and Luminaires. Part 1: Measurement and File Format). The accreditation is one of the first in Europe in this field. The new accreditation extends SGS Fimko’s accreditation scope, which also includes safety and EMC testing and certification of luminaires.
Modern Measurement Equipment and Qualified StaffIn the assessment carried out before the accreditation decision, it was verified that the strengths of SGS Fimko are among others modern measurement equipment and qualified staff. The accreditation also provides participation in comparison tests.
Comparability of Test Results ImproveThe accreditation of SGS Fimko makes the comparability of test results more clear. Until now the comparison has been made between the test results of the manufacturer’s laboratory and laboratories without accreditation. Along with SGS Fimko’s accreditation there is now on the European market a laboratory the results of which can be trusted. In the future in SGS Fimko’s luminous intensity distribution test reports the FINAS accreditation symbol will be visible.
Versatile ServicesOn the basis of SGS Fimko’s photometric measurement the characteristics (like performance and ergonomic aspects) of light sources and lighting installations can be investigated. These characteristics are important e.g. for engineers and architects who are doing illumination design for products or spaces.
The variables measured by SGS Fimko are:
Luminous intensity distributions (output data in various formats: Eulum-Dat, TM14, IEC, Calculux etc.) Luminance distributions of lamps, luminaires, displays, background-lit symbols (cd/m2) Luminous flux (lm = lumen) Utilization factor (h) Service illuminance (lx = lux) Optical power (W = Watt) Color rendering power index (Ra-index) Color temperature (K= Kelvin) Chromaticity coordinates (x and y) Spectrum distribution wave of visual light Products that can be measured are for example:
Luminaires for normal use Safety luminaires Incandescent, fluorescent and discharge lamps LED modules, LED luminaires, LED screens Flat screens For more information please contact:
Pasi Orreveteläinent: +358 40 350 1704
EmailKari Vesterinent: +358 9 6963 418
EmailThe SGS Group is the global leader and innovator in inspection, verification, testing and certification services. Founded in 1878, SGS is recognized as the global benchmark in quality and integrity. With more than 53,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 1,000 offices and laboratories around the world.