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At the end of 2007 SGS Fimko and Inspecta launched the renewed Finnish website for the FI mark. Now the website has also been launched in English. The aim with the website is to give consumers and professional buyers information about the FI mark. The FI mark helps to choose impartially tested products and inspected installations. It is a registered trademark and a recognized and renowned certification and inspection mark verifying the product’s or the installation’s safe quality and conformity with requirements.
The mark is granted approximately 200,000 products
The FI mark has been granted already for more than 25 years. Under its history the FI safety mark has been granted approximately 200,000 products and it is recognized by most Finns. The FI mark can be found on electrical products, machinery, gas appliances, certain construction products and in lifts and lifting devices. On electrical products the FI mark is attached to the marking plate of the product together with the technical information. In lifts you will find the FI inspection mark on the wall.
Three different FI marks
The form of the FI mark gives information about the mark, whether it is the safety, conformity or inspection mark. The FI mark can be used on products with valid FI certification issued by SGS Fimko or Inspecta or in installations inspected by Inspecta (e.g. lifts).
Picture: FI safety mark, FI conformity mark, FI inspection mark (from left to right).
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