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Starting from April 7th 2008, for three weeks forward, SGS Fimko launches a radio campaign for FI mark on the following radio channels:, the target group of which is families with children, the target group of which are persons between 18 – 30 years Our target is to make the recognition of FI mark stronger among youngsters. The campaign includes totally 280 reruns.
Picture. FI mark has two forms
FI mark brings with it several advantages:
FI mark is an impartial and voluntary guarantee for quality and safety of electronic products 74% of the consumers in Finland pay attention to FI mark when choosing a product. Since 1993 we have regularly campaigned for FI mark. Besides consumers we also focus on professionals in the electrical field Competitive edge with the help of FI mark With the help of FI mark customers can verify the safety of the product on the market where the consumers also are confronted with hazardous products We supervise on the market the correct use of the FI mark. In addition the use of the FI mark requires annual impartial factory inspections with the help of which the production plant’s ability to uniform quality is verified Renowned in all EU countries Basis for the certification of other countries The worldwide SGS group also makes the status of FI mark stronger. SGS operates in 140 countries and there are more than 2000 professionals merely in electrical, electronic and telecommunication field Whoever may check valid FI certifications on SGS Fimko’s website on page Register of certified products. Commercial buyers and professionals in the electrical field as well as consumers benefit the website actively. In addition the FI mark has a website of its own This website will have an English version in the near future. The FI mark gives added value to advertising
Best benefit from the FI mark you will have by using it besides on the product also in brochures, on the packaging, in TV and radio advertisements. We will be pleased to submit the FI-mark in an electrical form (Ms. Marianne Vorselman, Marketing Coordinator, at +358 9 6963 281, fax. +358 9 692 5474 and e-mail.)
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