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The German committee AtAV  decided on the mandatory PAH  testing for GS certification on the basis of document ZEK 01-08.
The German committee AtAV (Ausschuss fϋr technische Arbeitsmittel und Verbraucherprodukte – technical tools and consumers products) decided on the mandatory PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) testing for GS certification on the basis of document ZEK 01-08 issued by the German Accreditation Body ZLS. According to this GS certification bodies must implement the new requirement from April 1, 2008. The requirements cover also the existing SGS GS certifications.
There has been two recalls among others in Germany concerning PAHs when the requirement was still voluntary. The PAH requirement shall ensure that all GS certified products fulfil the statutory requirements concerning PAH. PAHs have been found in the wire, shell and handle of a lapping machine. PAHs were also found in the plastic finishing of a hammer’s handle.
Testing requirement
For GS certification PAH testing shall be carried out on the materials and components listed below. Only the analysis reports of an accredited analysis laboratory can be approved as basis for the certification. Also the analysis method description is needed including reference standard method, extraction method, analytical detection technique and list of compounds with the detection limits / compound. Analysis procedure itself can be taken as a whole procedure.
All soft polymers (plastic and rubber) as well as dark or coloured hard polymers with foreseeable skin contact such as switches, key boards, plugs, handles and external housing materials Particular attention must be paid to coating and lacquering as well as preservation materials (naphthalene and methylnaphthalene) which lead to heightened concentrations of PAH in the material surfaces The testing body evaluates which parts of the product shall be tested and which parts not and documents it accordingly.
The following materials do not need to be included in the evaluation: Materials which are not accessible or only accessible with the help of tools Materials which through a risk analysis, are identified as not relevant for testing for PAH. Limits for PAHsThe limits for consumer's goods (including materials in contact with foodstuff as well as toy materials intended to be put in the mouth and children care products) are according to the table below:
50505050ParameterCategory 1Category 2Category 3 Material in contact with foodstuff, or materials intended to be put in the mouth and toys for children age of < 36 months
Materials with foreseeable contact to skin for longer than 30 seconds (long-term skin contact) and toys not covered by category 1Materials with foreseeable contact to skin up to 30 seconds (short term skin contact) or without skin contactBenzo(a)pyrene
Not detectable
(< 0.2)120Sum 16 PAH (EPA) mg/kg
Not detectable
(< 0.2)10200 Help from SGS
SGS helps you to control the risk. We have participated in the development of the PAH test method required for the GS mark and thus established expertise throughout the worldwide SGS network for PAH testing for the GS certification.
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