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The European Parliament has approved with the votes 529 – 98 the chemical regulation, so-called REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals), which is supposed among others to make testing and supervision of hazardous substances more effective. The formal approval of the regulation was made by the Council on December 18, 2006. The REACH regulation will be implemented on June 1, 2007. The decision of the Parliament verified that the European Chemical Agency will be located in Helsinki. After the implementation of the regulation the manufacturers must ensure and verify the safety of their chemicals for the attended use.
REACH requires eco-toxicological and toxicological testing REACH applies to chemical substances of general industrial use without making any difference between existing substances or new ones. The regulation requires that the companies register any substance of more than one ton per year that they have produced in or imported to the European Union. The European Chemical Agency, which will be located in Finland, updates and manages the registered substance database. The registration requires that the products are tested. In addition to physiochemical testing also eco-toxicological and toxicological testing is required.
SGS services with regard to the REACH regulation With the help of SGS’ worldwide network we can offer you versatile analyze, expert and training services
Analyses We provide versatile physiochemical testing services in Finland and the rest of Europe. We offer tailored testing with short delivery times. Our laboratories have needed accreditations We are able to carry out eco-toxicological testing for which we have GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) competence We are able to carry out toxicological tests for which we also have GLP competence. SGS Finland provides you with a comprehensive analyze and testing package which in addition to Finnish testing resources is complemented with the SGS Group resources. The test report is in English and we will translate it into Finnish if necessary.
Expert services Our experts clarify the requirements of the REACH regulation, e.g. which analyses and tests shall be carried out for your substance Training services SGS Academy arranges training for the REACH regulation For more information, please contact Mrs. Anita Kinanen, department manager, laboratory services
phone +358 5 2106 250, mobile phone +358400595344 Mr. Jukka Vuorinen, Communication and Sales Director
phone +358 9 6963 278, mobile phone +358 40500 4431. Link to Reach website