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The variables measured by SGS Fimko are:
luminous intensity distributions (output data in various formats: Eulum-Dat, TM14, IEC, Calculux etc.) luminance distributions of lamps, luminaires, displays, background-lit symbols (cd/m2) luminous flux (lm = lumen) utilization factor (h) service illuminance (lx = lux) optical power (W = Watt) colour rendering power index (Ra-index) colour temperature (K= Kelvin) chromaticity coordinates (x and y) spectrum distribution wave of visual light Products that can be measured are for example:
luminaires for normal use safety luminaires incandescent, fluorescent and discharge lamps control gear of lighting fittings (i.e. electronic terminals) flat screens Our new near-field goniophotometer (ready for measurements in August 2006) is able to measure the correct luminous intensity distributions of lamps and luminaires in a close distance to the measuring object without moving the measured object. This is possible by CCD camera that is moved around the measuring object and with the exact knowledge of the optical imaging system (lens) the “direction of light” from each pixel can be calculated.
We can measure luminance values and luminance distribution also with our goniophotometer of various objects are possible also. Luminance values can be determined or searched from the luminance distribution data that is kind of a “digital photo).
These characteristics are measured mainly with our goniophotometer and integrating sphere (Ulbricht sphere), in which maximum 1,8 meter-length products can be tested. For the measurement of the utilization factor we use lux meters. Photometric measurements can be carried out within a week e.g. as follows:
in combination with safety, EMC and ROHS testing as well as certification (FI, CB, CB-EMC; GS, ENEC, NRTL) as benchmarking tests as product development tests as quality control tests Based of our tests you can get an impartial Statement of Test Result as a marketing tool which offers you a competitive edge on the market.
Furthermore we offer UV-testing for products and materials.
For more information please contact:
Peter Fagerstedt, phone +358 9 6963 245, Email Kari Vesterinen, phone +358 9 6963 418, Email