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When you are assessing the value of a project or putting together a strategy for risk management, it is essential to ensure that regulatory compliance is in place for all aspects of your operations.


It is a complex challenge, making sure that all regulations are met, but at SGS, our experts are able to provide you with technical reports, consulting and support for all aspects of water treatment and management. Regulatory compliance facilitates swifter business results, enables assurance of quality and completeness, and validates consistency of production or service.

Regulations and standards differ across countries and industries, which is why we have SGS specialists all over the world to help you ensure that you are compliant. Our advice and assessments are impartial, professional and a well known source of assurance across a wide range of industries and sectors. Our laboratories, respected for their fast turnaround testing, are available around the clock, all over the world. Find out how our specialists at SGS can help you ensure your regulatory compliance.