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Mechanical sampling systems designed and commissioned by SGS set the industry standard for reliable bulk cargo sampling.


Our positive drive belt feeders are one component of a mechanical sampling system (MSS) that helps to ensure that your bulk samples are representative. SGS belt feeders allow you to control and adjust the feed rate, tension and tracking of the belt. These low maintenance belt feeders are expertly designed to minimize spillage and buildup of material on the tail pulley.


  • Troughed belt designs for 350 and 500 mm wide belts as standard
  • Shaft mounted drive
  • Three ply belt with stainless steel clipped joint as standard
  • Externally adjustable belt scraper
  • Stainless steel screw take-up units
  • Sample feeders fully skirted with an inverted “U” section of stainless steel with adjustable rubber skirts in contact with the belt

Other Available Features:

  • Variable speed drive
  • Profile gate to vary bed depth of material being conveyed
  • Lagged head and tail pulleys
  • Return plough when conveying coarse material
  • Weather protection covers

Choose reliable SGS belt feeders and other mechanical samplers for your new or existing mechanical sampling system.