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Accurate, reliable particulate testing in an industrial or commercial facility is crucial for health, safety and process considerations. 


SGS has a proven record in determining the composition and chemistry of particulates and thus helping to delineate potential process ramifications and hazardous conditions.

SGS has extensive experience in hazardous material assessment and analysis for a wide range of particulates including clay, metal filings, asbestos, silica, etc. Our highly skilled laboratory professionals can accurately identify the particulates from your plant, building or mine and assess any HSE, industrial hygiene, process or industrial environment issues that might arise.

The SGS global network of laboratories can provide quick turnaround on particulate identification state-of-the-art instruments such as XRD, QEMSCAN®, electron microprobe, optical microscopy and ICP. Our strict quality control and compliance with international standards ensures that your test results are accurate and accepted.

Contact SGS, a world leader in chemical and mineralogical analysis, for third party particulate testing results that you can trust.