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SGS has the global technical expertise to supply chemical analyses or assays for iron and nickel.


We have the locations, independence, consistency and quality compliance requirements you need. Our experts will discuss with you what of detection, precision or accuracy you require, and then help you select the method that will best suit your purpose.

Iron and nickel can be analyzed in the following packages:

2 Acid / Aqua RegiaMulti-Acid (4 Acid)Sodium Peroxide FusionLithium Metaborate FusionXRFIndividual MethodsMMI
Nickel ICP12B & ICP14B, IMS12B & IMS14B, ICM12B & ICM14B ICP40B, ICM40B, AAS42S, ICP42S, AAS43B ICP90A, ICP90B, ICM90A IMS95A Pyrosulfate Fusion XRF CON07V, CSE04V MMI-M, MMI-ME
Iron ICP12B & ICP14B, IMS12B & IMS14B, ICM12B & ICM14B ICP40B, ICM40B, AAS42S, ICP42S, AAS43B ICP90A, ICP90B, ICM90A ICP95A XRF76C, Pyrosulfate Fusion XRF CLA01A, CON08V MMI-M, MMI-ME

To select the method that is right for your purpose, please carefully review the measurement ranges and intended application. For example, MMI is a leach used for exploration, whereas Dimethylglyoxime (CON07V) is used for high concentrations of nickel in metal.

Iron Ore Analysis of Majors and Minors by Fusion-XRF

Iron ore occurs in many mineral forms (hematite, magnetite, goethite, limonite or siderite) and each has specific analysis requirements. Borate fusion with XRF analysis is an extremely robust technique for major and minor elemental analysis in complex mineralization and offers highly precise and accurate results for iron ore samples. This method is not suitable for high sulfide materials >1%.


Borate fusion with XRF for majors - Al2O3, CaO, Cr2O3, K2O, MgO, MnO, Na2O, P2O5, Fe2O3, SiO2, TiO2, V2O5, SUM, LOI and S as SO3 and minors As, Ba, Cl, Co,
Cu, Ni, Pb, Sn, Sr, Ta, V, Zn, Zr
Available at specific sites only.

Nickel Laterite Analysis

ICP90B - Sodium Peroxide Fusion / ICP-AES – Nickel Laterite Package (Includes drying at 105°C for 8 hrs.)

Al2O3 0.01 – 25% Fe2O3 0.01 – 30% P2O5 0.01 – 25%
CaO 0.1 – 35% K2O 0.1 – 25% SiO2 0.01 – 25%
Cr 0.01 – 10% MgO 0.01 – 30% TiO2 0.01 – 25%
Co 0.01 – 10% MnO 0.01 – 10%
Cu 0.01 – 10% Ni 0.01 – 10%

At every stage of your project, SGS chemists perform quality, rapid-turnaround analyses targeting a wide variety of elements in many types of sample matrices. We have firmly committed to advanced technology, and this commitment ensures we can deliver on our promise to provide benchmark-setting services.