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Transmission electron microscopy services from SGS – helping you detect and quantify virus particles throughout the biopharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturing process.


During the manufacturing process, you need to ensure that your vaccine and biopharmaceuticals are free from virus particles. Our transmission electron microscopy (TEM) services, including negative staining and thin section electron microscopy techniques, help to detect adventitious agents throughout your biopharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturing process.

Why choose transmission electron microscopy services from SGS?

We can help you to:

  • Gain accurate visualization of virus particles, both in biological fluids and in vitro, through our TEM services
  • Acquire direct visualization of particle size and morphology (intra- and extra-cellular)
  • Identify viruses in biological samples
  • Observe viruses, virus-like particles, adventitious and other extraneous agents by TEM of at least 200 cell profiles
  • Identify and characterize virus particles through our negative stain electron microscopy (NSEM) testing
  • Monitor retroviral load quantities in fermenter bulk harvest material prior to the downstream purification/processing, using our negative staining techniques

Trusted TEM services from a leading supplier

As a world leader in TEM, our cell biology scientists offer you exceptional theoretical and practical scientific experience within contract research organization (CRO) and academic environments.

Our highly trained electron microscopy experts offer you over 10 years’ experience, applying these techniques successfully across the biological manufacturing industry. Plus, our Philips CM-10 transmission electron microscope, equipped with both plate and digital camera systems, can process digital images, providing you with fast results and audited reports.

We offer you testing for:

  • Master cell banks
  • Working cell banks
  • Cell lines
  • Culture supernatants
  • Fermenter bulk harvests
  • Vaccines

To find out more about our transmission electron microscopy services, contact us today.