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Safety assessment services from SGS aid toy compliance with the EU Toy Safety Directive.

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Article 18 of the EU Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC compels manufacturers to subject all toys placed on the market to a safety assessment. With decades of experience in evaluating and testing toys, our experts review legal and voluntary standards, as well as customer specific requirements. We evaluate every toy from the user’s perspective, including foreseeable, but unintended use, which helps to identify major safety concerns and ensure that the toy can be trusted.

Our toy safety assessment experts consider:

  • Data analysis – learning from past design and manufacturing mistakes through recall, injury and customer complaint databases
  • Foreseeable use analysis – assessing how children interact with a product, including factors that affect foreseeable use:
    • Attractiveness – even if marketed for a specific age – there may be features on a toy that make it attractive for younger children than those targeted
    • Consumer vigilance – how careful caregivers will be when giving this product to children
    • Durability – how long the product is going to last
    • Labeling – people do not always read labels, it is essential to make them short and clear
    • Child development and exploration strategies, for example, depending on age, we know children are likely to put toys in their mouth or ears
  • Hazard identification and analysis – we assess if a toy is likely to meet the standard, and how children could hurt themselves, including the risk of: suffocation, strangulation, drowning, kinetic energy (impact, fall, explosion), pinch, puncture and entrapment

On completion of the safety assessment you will receive a detailed report listing any concerns as critical, major or minor, including recommendations for corrective action. We can advise you on design improvements to minimize risk and enhance consumer protection. We provide advice and guidance. The manufacturer may implement any recommendations for further improvement. Our safety assessment report will also fulfill some of the additional requirements for the toy’s technical documentation.

A toy safety assessment from SGS will help you to keep children safe from potential harm. Contact us today to verify the safety of your toys.