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At SGS, we understand the importance of identifying potential problems with your products as early as possible in the production process, so that solutions can be found and the need for costly changes later in the production process can be eliminated.

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Our initial production check (IPC) is an examination of components, materials and product quality at the start of production to foresee risks and prevent resources being wasted.

Conducted when 10% of goods have been produced, our initial product inspection is applicable to all goods, checking them with regulations, standards and contractual agreements. It is a visual evaluation that detects early defects and is performed on-site.

Our consultants can conduct an IPC as a one-off product visual verification or as part of a broader quality assurance and quality improvement program conducted by SGS. Our quality assurance program ensures that quality standards are maintained throughout the production process, from concept design to shipping of goods, and our quality improvement program provides solutions to any problems that arise.

Our product quality monitoring services are second to none, being underpinned by the skills and knowledge of world-class experts and vast experience of production checks for a wide range of businesses across the globe. In helping you keep one eye on quality from the start of the production process, we not only reduce the possibility of your product being stalled by regulatory non-compliance but also reduce costs of product development and protect your brand’s reputation from the risk of damage due to product recall.