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Build confidence in your products with the SGS energy efficiency certification scheme.


Manufacturers, suppliers, regulators and consumers are reassured that products bearing our energy efficiency certification mark consistently meet relevant Standards or Specifications, as well as performance requirements.

The scheme is designed according to Category 5, as described in ISO/IEC Guide 67 (Fundamentals of Product Certification). It is managed by the SGS Energy Efficiency E&E Steering Committee and covers electrical appliances and components.

What does certification involve?

Focusing on internationally established IEC safety and performance requirements, or their local equivalent the process includes:

  • Testing
  • Review
  • Certification decision
  • Factory inspection
  • License to use the SGS energy efficiency certification mark
  • Market monitoring

The main certfication criteria are:

Category Name
Standby mode One watt regulation (all electrical equipment with standby function)
Energy consumption Set top boxes, televisions, domestic lighting products, dishwashers, washing machines, cooling appliances
Energy efficiency All previously mentioned product types

Extending certification

You may apply to extend your energy efficiency certification to either the same products manufactured at a different location, or to additional product types made at the same location. Your application will be reviewed by one of our certification executives and where necessary additional testing, auditing or a review may be instigated. If your application is successful and an extension is possible a new certificate will be issued.

Certification and marks monitoring

To ensure the integrity of the scheme we monitor the use of certifications and marks by market surveillance, factory inspections and other sources (i.e. consumers, authorities and other certification bodies). If the safety or conformance to standards of any product bearing the SGS energy efficiency certification mark is questionable we will investigate and if necessary retest it. If the certification or mark is misused we will initiate suspension or withdrawal of certification and if applicable claims for damages.

Demonstrate product quality with energy efficiency certification from SGS.