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Protect your business and consumers at the same time as meeting cosmetic standards, with microbiological testing from SGS.

color cosmetic palette with brush

Microbiological testing for cosmetics and personal care products form an important part of quality control and can ensure the safety of your products along the supply chain.

Examining products for their risk of contamination under normal use conditions, we conduct a range of microbiological tests to help you assess the safety or efficacy of raw materials, components, ingredients and final products.

Microbiological testing of cosmetics and personal products identifies microbial contamination, including: 

  1. Total plate count 
  2. Yeast and mold – identification 
  3. Pathogens – identification 
  4. Challenge test

With an international network of microbiological testing laboratories, equipped with cutting-edge technology and staff by experts who use the most up-to-date testing methodologies, we are your perfect test program partner.

Contact us today for more information on how SGS’s microbiological test laboratories can help you to meet regulatory requirements and protect your brand.