Safety services

Safety services of SGS cover various areas and procedures of functional safety and machinery safety.

We serve our customers operating in various development, manufacturing, integrator, and user roles in connection with e.g.

  • Safety and conformity of machinery, equipment, and machine lines
  • Safety functions in industrial processes, machinery, equipment, and transportation
  • Parts and components of safety functions and systems
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Functional safety

Functional safety is a part of overall safety that depends on the correct and timely functioning of systems and functions to manage potentially hazardous situations, processes, and equipment. Functional safety affects for example machine and equipment manufacturers but also industrial system integrators as well as component manufacturers supplying parts and components of critical systems.

Our services for the industry include independent safety assessments, to confirm the safety and compliance of the products of our customers. But we also provide our customers with trainings as well as analytics and other advisory services, to support our customers with their development work and to make sure that they have adequate competences and processes to succeed.

Functional safety services

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Machinery safety

Safety of machinery operators is the sum of many factors. Machine manufacturer shall make sure that safety requirements are fulfilled. Machine owner, usually employer, shall ensure that machines are safe and fit for purpose at the time commissioning and through the whole life cycle. Operators shall obey the instructions of machine manufacturers and employer. SGS’s machinery safety services offer help for each party to fulfill their part in safety.

Our services cover conformity assessments for new machines and machines in use, requirements studies, training, independent inspections and support in risk assessments.

Machinery safety services