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SGS provides unmatched geochemical and analytical testing services worldwide.


Professional staff in our global network conducts a wide range of single parameter, stand-alone chemical tests that are not combined into multi-element packages. We have the experience and technical excellence to apply these individual methods when you need to determine specific parameters.

SGS’s globally accepted test methods include wet chemical techniques and specific testing capabilities designed to measure your element of interest. We can address any request for specific non-routine determinations. Our routine suite of single element tests includes:

CLA01A FeO Titration 0.10%
CSA01V C (total) Furnace / IR 0.01%
CSA02V CO2 (carbonate) Leach / Furnace / IR 0.01%
CSB02V CO2 (carbonate) Coulometery 0.05%
CSA03V C (organic) Leach / Furnace / IR 0.01%
CSB03V C (organic) Coulometery 0.05%
CSA04V C (inorganic) Leach / Furnace / IR 0.01%
CSA05V C (graphitic) Roast / Coulometery 0.01%
CSA06V S (total) Furnace / IR 0.05 - 30%
CSD06V S (total) Furnace / IR 30 – 75%
CSA07V SO42- Various 0.01%
CSA08V S2- Various 0.01%
CSA09V S (elemental) Various 0.01%
CLA13V SO42- Gravimetric 10ppm – 1%
ISE07A Specific Ion Electrode 20ppm – 10%
CLA04E Cl¯ Titrimetric 0.005 – 1%
ISE08B Cl¯ Specific Ion 50ppm
PHY08D H2 Gravimetric 0.10%
PHY09V H2O+ Penfield 0.10%
CVA14C Hg Cold Vapor 5ppb
ISE06T pH 1-1 ratio 0.01%
PHY03V Specific Gravity Air Pycnometer 0.01 – 13%
PHY04V Bulk Density Immersion 1 – 10%
PHY01K LOI Gravimetric @ 1000°C 0.01 – 100%
PHY02V LOI TGA 0.01 – 100%
CLA10E Insolubles (acid) Gravimetric 0.10%
CLA07C Available lime as CaO 0.01%
CSE04V Non-sulfide Ni 0.01%
CON08V Total acid soluble Fe Titrimetric 0.50%
CON13V Cu Short Iodide 2%
CON07V Ni Dimethylglyoxime 0.05%
CON11V Pb EDTA titrimetric 1%
CON12V Zn EDTA titrimetric 1%
ICP05 Bayer-extractable SiO2, Al2O3 and reactive Si and Al Caustic Bomb

You need reliable and transparent test results that will support more growth in your operation. Trust SGS, the world’s leading testing company, for the single parameter testing of your special elements.