CISPR 11 Edition 5.0 Amendment 1

Industrial, scientific and medical equipment – Radio frequency disturbance characteristics – Limits and methods of measurement


CENELEC has published the above mentioned standard with number EN 55011:2009 A1 and it has been harmonized with the EMC Directive. It replaces all earlier revisions on July 1, 2013.


Amendment 1 includes a requirement regarding measurement of large equipment in a 10 m measurement chamber. Shorter measurement distances than this are allowed only for small equipment defined by the standard as follows:


A measuring distance less than 10 m is allowed only for equipment which complies with the definition given in 3.10.

3.10 - small equipment

equipment, either positioned on a table top or standing on the floor which, including its cables fits in a cylindrical test volume of 1,2 m in diameter and 1,5 m above the ground plane


Therefore a 10 m chamber is required when:


Floor-standing equipment – width > 1.2m, height > 1.5 m

Tabletop equipment – width > 1.2, height > 70 cm (the height of the testing table is 80 cm).


SGS Fimko tests CISPR 11 equipment in our 10 m measurement chamber in Espoo, Finland.


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